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Flush 1D Relay – Compatibility specification

At Qubino we are regularly executing compatibility tests of our devices with Z-Wave gateways from different manufacturers. Check the results in the table below.

NOTE: The compatibility table may not include the latest testing data, please check the last column for the date of the last test.

Supported Unsupported Check comment Testing Q1, Q2, … Module physical output I1, I2, … Module physical input
# Gateway Q (physical output) I2 (physical input) UI Temperature Comments Date of test
1 Zwave me 25/05/2018
2 Cockpit
3 Fibaro HC Lite v 4.130 I2 need manual configuration.temperature doesn’t update when endpoint I2 enabled and multichannel set.
kWh will be tested.
4 Zipabox 1.3.24 12/06/2018
5 Vera edge v 1.7.350 Can toggle only both at the same time. 08/05/2018
6 SmartThings
7 Devolo
8 NETIChome
9 Homey
10 Eedomus
11 Verbund
12 Domoticz V3.5877
13 Homeseer
14 Piper
15 Open zwave
16 Jeedom
17 Indigo 7 I2 need manual configuration. kWh will be tested.
18 ImperiHome kWh will be tested.
19 OpenHab
20 Zipatile
21 SmartThings 3rd party Additional handler needs to be installed for I2 sensor updates on the UI.
22 Schwaiger 3.3.0 Can toggle only both at the same time 28/05/2018