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Flush Shutter – Compatibility specification

At Qubino we are regularly executing compatibility tests of our devices with Z-Wave gateways from different manufacturers.
Check the results in the table below.

Please note that the gateway (hub) compatibility was updated on 14.3.2018 and it may not include the latest testing data.

Supports Unsupported Check Comment Testing Q1, Q2, … Module physical output I1, I2, … Module physical input
# Gateway Q1 (open/close) Q2 (open/close) Tilt W kWh Temperature Comments Date of test
1 Zwave me
2 Fibaro HC Lite v 4.130 Polling must be set for kWh. 4/05/2018
3 Zipabox 1.3.24 Temperature sensor support added in the future. 6/05/2018
4 Vera edge v 1.7.2406 On UI is not displayed actual value of tilts when use stop level change or when changed with input switches.
5 SmartThings
6 Devolo Up and down buttons are not separated, only percentage set. kWh will be tested. 27/02/2018
7 NETIChome
8 Homey
9 Eedomus
10 Verbund
11 Domoticz V3.9052 In domoticz UI set switch type to blinds percentage inverted for shutter and venetian blinds EU for slats. 26/03/2018
12 Homeseer 20/03/2018
13 Piper
14 Open zwave
15 Jeedom
16 Indigo 7 No separate slate control. kWh will be tested. 22/01/2018
17 ImperiHome kWh will be tested. 25/01/2018
18 OpenHAB kWh will be tested. 5/02/2018
19 Zipatile
20 Schwaiger 3.3.0 Remove multichannel association in group 1 and set it as single channel to make temperature display correctly. To show kWh poll node. 13/08/2018